A Poem in Bodega Magazine

Billboard on the Side of a Truck: Digital photo. Safia Jama. 2014

I’m glad to be part of Bodega Magazine’s 80th issue celebrating #NationalPoetryMonth. I wrote “Eating in my Sleep” in the shock of grief, two weeks after my father passed away. Two years later, here it is, happily nestled among poems by Sahar Muradi, Rico Frederick, Carrie Conners. Thanks to Bodega editor Cat Richardson and guest editor Arden Levine. And to my friend Naomi Extra, who is named in the poem. As always, thanks for reading:

An Evening with Rachel Hadas, Gardner McFall & Safia Jama – Jan. 25th, 2019

Rachel Hadas

I’m very excited to read with my mentor from Rutgers University-Newark, Rachel Hadas. What an honor!

Friday, January 25, 2019 — 7 – 8:30 p.m.

Hudson Valley Writers Center | Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591

Reserve your tickets here:

Metro-North train or set GPS to ‘Philipse Manor Station.’

Three Poems at Spoken Black Girl Mag

At our best, poets write with an awareness and a respect for those who came before. On this Día de Los Muertos, November 2nd, I share the link to three recently published poems at Spoken Black Girl Mag. The editors gifted me with this introduction: “Safia’s work speaks to that connection to the otherworldly, the deep recesses of our collective memories and the power of the imaginative spirit to heal.” I invite you to read the full introduction and all three poems when you have a quiet moment to yourself. Take care. 

A Poem in Under a Warm Green Linden

I invite you to read my poem in the latest issue of Under a Warm Green Linden, an online journal with a long and lovely name that plants trees. My poem is titled “This Old House” and it was partly inspired by a certain 1980s TV show on PBS that was hosted by Bob Vila. Well, at least, that is the conceit. I don’t want to perpetuate gender stereotypes here, but based on my anecdotal experience sharing it on Twitter, I’ve noticed that this poem resonates most with dudes. Whatever your gender, thanks for reading. Click on the little button and you can hear me read the poem rather dramatically as well. -Safia

P.S. Did you know that Linden trees are edible and soothe a sore throat? I just learned that.